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Enermax AURORA Aluminium Keyboard Review

Enermax AuroraThis latest aluminium keyboard from Enermax is sleek, simplistic and super stylish. It is built into a sturdy brushed aluminium frame with diamond cut and polished edges, and comes with unique laptop-style low-profile keys utilizing responsive "scissor" technology. The Aurora also has a ultra flat profile as well as Audio and USB connections. And if all that isn't enough, Enermax also supply you with a polishing cloth to ensure your new keyboard stays looking like new.


Crucial Value RAM DDR400 2x512MB

CRUCIAL Value RAMWhilst there seem to be many memory brands offering blistering speeds and low latency timings, these are normally aimed at (and designed for) enthusiasts and overclockers. The vast majority of computer users though, are not overclockers, and simply want their computers to run at the speed it is intended to do so, so standard speed memory is normally used. Many of these general computer users however make the mistake of using cheap generic memory either to save a bit of money, or because they simply do not know any better. Crucial has the answer to this in the form of it's Value RAM series, which is good quality memory, at budget prices, from one of the most respected names in the memory industry.

KINGSTON Hyper-X pc4300 CL3 1GB Kit Review


For many years now Kingston have been market leaders in the computer memory sector. But now with more and more overclockers and speed-freaks than ever before, there is a serious demand for super fast, high performance quality memory. Today, I'll be looking at Kingston’s Hyper-X PC4300 (DDR533) 1GB Dual channel kit, which is currently the fastest kit they offer.


Enermax Liberty ELT500AWT 500w Power Supply Review

ENERMAX Liberty The new Liberty series of power supplies from Enermax, is the next step up from the multi award-winning Noisetaker series, and now brings modular cables to the table.
The Liberty boasts ATX12V v2.2 support, dual core and dual CPU support, ATX and BTX compatibility, dual PCI-X graphics card support (SLI and Crossfire), modular cables, high efficiency and Enermax’s unique Eternity connectors. Also, you have the peace of mind, of reliability and stability that the Enermax brand has proven over the years, which is backed up by a 3 year warranty.
Today we will be looking at the 500w version of the Enermax Liberty power supply, (the ELT500AWT).


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